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MGT 400 - Ethics in Law, Business & Management


Welcome to the library research guide for Ethics in Law, Business & Management (MGT400). Here, you'll find the best resources to help you find additional information for your management paper & a variety of assigned case studies.

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Topic 1: Managing Conflict / Agreement

Primary Keywords (broad umbrella concepts): Management, conflict, agreement, profit, business, ethics

Secondary Keywords: In this case secondary keywords would be specific types of management, conflict/agreement (examples: organizational, ethical, interreligious, intercultural, international), business, ethics, and profit

Additional Keywords: Consider synonyms (different words that have the same/similar meaning). Synonyms for conflict management include, but are not limited to: peace-keeping, interpersonal conflict, interpersonal relations, resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, crisis management, conflict prevention 

Starter Search: (very broad) conflict manage*

Starter Search: (more focused) conflict manage* AND family business

WORDS OF ADVICE: Use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to filter your results to be as relevant as possible. The source type and publication date filters are worth using, as well as limiting your results to peer-reviewed. 

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Literati Academic by Credo Reference
Oxford Reference
Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Sage Knowledge



Why use reference materials (encyclopedias & handbooks)? These resources are great to help you gain a strong background on your topic(s). 

Starter book, eBook, and video search: "conflict mangement"


WORDS OF ADVICE: Use the filters on the left-hand side of the results list. 


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