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Find Articles: Citations

What Is a Citation?

A citation is a reference to a source that will lead the reader back to the original content. 

How do I know if the citation is for a book or a journal?

  • Book citations list the city and publisher.

  • Journal citations list the volume and page numbers.

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What are Citation Style Guides?

Style guides are developed by publishers to provide guidelines for the presentation of research.  These rules or procedures encourage ease of reading, accuracy, and respect in scholarly communication.  Use the Citation Resources guide to learn more about APA, MLA, Chicago, and other citation guides as well as information on citation builders and managers.

The following provide a brief overview of common citation formats:

Database Provided Citations

Many of the Library's subscription databases auto-generate citations for articles and e-books.  Some allow you to export citations to citation managers. 

Students are advised to review these citations to make sure they are compliant with the citation format assigned by your instructor.