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Vision magazine is published once a year. This award-winning publication presents students, alumni, staff and faculty, and friends of the National University community with articles regarding the University's mission, goals, values and visions. It also profiles individuals who exemplify the University's finest qualities and highest level of academic and professional achievement.

Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching

The Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching published by National University is an annual peer-reviewed Web-based publication of scholarship and research focused on new, effective instructional approaches and methods. This journal publishes original research articles by National University faculty, while also welcoming submissions from outside the University. The journal's mission is to collect and disseminate advanced research-based information on teaching and learning, particularly focusing on innovative methodologies and technologies applied primarily but not exclusively in higher education, to improve educational practice and enhance student learning outcomes. 


e-Forum Mission

To provide timely, forward thinking research and discussion on e-Learning trends in an interactive format that engages new thinking about how we are learning online.