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CIS 601 - Information Systems Strategies

Reading List
Last Update: 2012

Carr, Nicholas. Does IT matter? Nicholas Carr responds. Harvard Business Review; Jul2003, Vol. 81 Issue 7, p112

Carr, Nicholas G. IT Doesn't Matter. Harvard Business Review; May2003, Vol. 81 Issue 5, p41 (9 pages) 

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A matter of... Rena Mears, Eileen MacNeil, Ken DeJarnette. Optimize. Manhasset: Mar 2003. p. 60 (6 pages)

As information flows, so flows value Thomas Davenport, Jeanne Harris. Optimize. Manhasset: Nov 2002. p. 50 (5 pages)

Why tech falls short of expectations Amir Hartman. Optimize. Manhasset: Jul 2002. p. 20 (6 pages)

The technology/customer disconnect C K Prahalad, M S Krishnan, Sunil Mithas. Optimize. Manhasset: Dec 2002. p. 63 (5 pages)

Knowledge management and new organization forms: A framework for business model innovation Yogesh Malhotra. Information Resources Management Journal. Hershey: Jan-Mar 2000. Vol. 13, Issue. 1; p. 5 (10 pages)

Leadership Makes Technology Work; Management guru Jim Collins talks about turning the possible into the practical. Edward Prewitt. CIO. Framingham: Oct 1, 2002. Vol. 16, Issue 1; p. 1

Management by maxim: How business and IT managers can create IT infrastructures Marianne Broadbent, Peter Weill. MIT Sloan Management Review. Cambridge: Spring 1997. Vol. 38, Issue 3; p. 77 (16 pages)

Choosing strategies for change. By: Kotter, John P.; Schlesinger, Leonard A. Harvard Business Review, Mar/Apr79, Vol. 57 Issue 2, 1 chart

Strategy and the Internet. By: Porter, Michael E. Harvard Business Review, Mar2001, Vol. 79 Issue 3, p62, 17p, 1 diagram

Building Your Company's Vision. By: Collins, James C.; Pores, Jerry I.  Harvard Business Review, Sep/Oct96, Vol. 74 Issue 5, p65, 13p, 2 charts, 1bw

Designing IT for business. By: Laartz, J., Monnoyer, Eric; Scherdin, Alexander. McKinsey Quarterly, 2003 Issue 3, p76, 11p, 2 diagrams

The Data Warehouse: If You Build It with the Users, They Will Come. By: van den Hoven, John. Information Strategy: The Executive's Journal, Spring2001, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p29, 7p

Beyond the Business Case: Strategic IT Investment. Jeanne Ross and Cynthia Beath. October 2001 CISR WP No. 323 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT Sloan School of Management Working Paper No. 4357-01