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Veterans Welcome and Orientation

Housed with the National University Department of Nursing, the Vets2BSN Project offers a series of workshops, enrichment seminars, and individual/group tutoring to assist students with scholarly writing, test taking strategies, language skills, stress management, career advisement, NCLEX preparation and mentorship activities.  The Vets2BSN staff consists of a director, manager, coordinator, academic counselor, student tutors, mentors, faculty advisors, and adjunct faculty who provide students with supportive services leading to the successful completion of program requirements.

All eligible Vets2BSN students are invited to participate in the academic services offered.  To maximize effectiveness, activities are offered in both a group workshop format as well as individual meeting sessions.  Additional benefits of participation included access to the National University Student Nurses Association (NUSNA) and the Military Student Nurse Mentorship Organization (MSNMO), designed to match Vets2BSN students with professional working nurses to aid in their transition and development.

Vets2BSN Program FAQs


Q:  What program do they need to be enrolled into?
A: Navy Hospital Corpsmen or Medic students will be enrolled into the BSN Generic Program and go through the same application process as other National University students who meet the program prerequisites.

Q:  Is there a way that these students need to be tracked?
A:  Students should continue to be tracked as "Veterans" during the admissions process.  The Nursing department will track corpsmen or medics vs the current generic "veterans."

Q:  Only veteran students with medic or corpsman experience qualify for this program, correct?
A:  That is correct.

Q:  Are active duty medics or corpsman allowed to apply for this program?
A:  Yes if they can dedicate the number of hours required for the program.  They cannot work and attend at the same time.

Q:  Is there a minimum amount of time that a veteran must have served in the role of medic or corpsman to qualify for this program?
A:  They must have served for a minimum of a year.

Q:  What are the deadlines to apply for this program?
A:  The deadlines are the same as all other candidates.

Q:  Can Vets2BSN Program candidates attend any Nursing Forum or is there a separate one that they must attend?
A:  They attend the same forum as all other candidates.

Q:  The Vets2BSN Program runs twice a year.  Is that only in San Diego?
A:  Yes, candidates must move to San Diego.

Q:  If so, are there plans to expand to the other nursing campuses in the future?
A:  Although we have plans to, we are regulated by the California Board of Registered Nursing and we are not approved for other sites currently.

Q:  Since the Vets2BSN Program is grant funded, does that mean that there's an end date to when we'll be offering this program?  If so, do you know what the deadline is?
A:  The grant ends July 2017, however the program will be maintained beyond the grant completion.

Q:  A National University nursing prospective student only has three opportunities to apply to our nursing programs.  Will applying to the Vets2BSN Program count as an attempt towards the three attempts maximum or ar there separate rules for this program?
A:  There are no separate rules for the Vets2BNS Program.

Q:  The Vets2BSN Program flyer states, 'Vets2BSN gives you a head start, allowing you to earn your degree sooner by awarding college-level credit for previous courses, training, and military experience.'  Does that mean that they'll have less clinical rotations to take as the LVN to BSN students do? (I'm thinking not as the nursing program is being advertised as 22 months long - that's the same ad the BSN Generic Program.)
A:  If the vets are able to demonstrate performance competency they may be able to move forward to complete the program in as little as 18 months, but of course to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  If the student is a corpsman or medic who has completed an LVN program of study that includes pediatrics and maternal-child coursework and has successfully passed the NCLEX-PN exam, he/she will be enrolled in the LVN-BSN option.  If a corpsman has opted to sit for and pass the NCLEX-PN exam but did not enroll in an LVN program of study, he/she will be required to enroll in the pediatric and maternal child courses at National University or be evaluated through a competency based evaluation program through the University.


For more information please contact:

Dr. Paul Tontz

Academic Counselor, Vets2BSN Project

Nursing Department

National University, 858-521-3972