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ELP: Research Links & Tips

Important Links For Research

Finding Background Information:

Finding Books & E-Books:

Finding Journal Articles:

More Information:

Research Tip #1

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. This will help you find more specific results! Library catalog example:

social media = 6845 results

"social media" = 645 results

Research Tip #2

When researching a question, do not use complete sentences. Instead, use the most important keywords! For example:

How are mobile devices affecting education in elementary schools?

The most important keywords are:

mobile devices AND education AND elementary

Research Tip #3

Use Boolean operators to modify your search. This is very useful when you are searching for journal articles!

Boolean Operators

AND     OR     NOT

AND will narrow your search results:

"organized crime" AND drugs

OR will expand your search results:

"mobile devices" OR smartphones

NOT will exclude certain results:

cowboys NOT football