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Faculty Resources

Open Educational Resources

According to UNESCO, "Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning or research materials that are in the public domain or released with an intellectual property license that allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution." OER include curriculum maps, course materials, textbooks, streaming videos, multimedia applications, podcasts, and any other materials that have been designed for use in teaching and learning.


ANTS: ANimated Tutorial Sharing Project--Libraries working together to create open source tutorials.  The goal of the project is to create a shared repository of library, research, and information literacy tutorials.

Applied Math & Science Educational Repository -- This repository deals heavily in math and science resources, but also gives users access to content dealing with subjects like history, education, and the fine arts.

MERLOT II -- Multimedia Resources for Learning and Online Teaching--Browse collections of learning materials and exercises by subject or visit discipline community portals.

OER Commons -- A collection of open education resources from the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME).
The Orange Grove -- Florida's digital repository of open educational resources which allows users to find, remix, and share new materials with fellow educator

Open Courseware - Remember you may review and use course elements such as learning objectives, activities, quizzes, rubrics, and other content.


Open AccessTextbooks: The Open Access Textbooks Grant Project worked with others involved in open content to create a sustainable model for Florida and other states to discover, produce, and disseminate open textbooks. 


Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an excellent way to share access to resources with colleagues.  Use of Creative Commons materials may have some limits; read the license notes carefully and provide attribution using the CC logo.

Create your own Copyright license in a few clicks.  You get to decide how your work can be used by others. 

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