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Find Full Text Articles: Overview

Finding Full Text Articles

Databases allow you to limit search results to only articles with full text.  Look for the full text check box.

This may be "good enough," especially if your search results are large.  However, there are times that limiting your results will not let you see key articles that might be critical to your project.  The Library can always help you track down these articles to help expand your research.  Below are some other tips:

In your results list:

 More:  View Tutorial

Get Started with Smart Search

Known Item Searching

If you have the citation for an article, use either the Online Journal List or the Library Catalog to see if full text is available.

Find e-Journal by Title

  • Use the above link to view a list of available databases.
  • Select the best database for the dates (volume/issue) you need.

Library Catalog

  • Search Library Catalog for journal title. 
  • Open the e-journal record for the title you searched.
  • Select "VIEW" for the list of available databases.

Full Text Articles: FAQs

What if Article Linker does not find full text? 

Search the Online Journal List.

  • The article may be available through a special license with the journal publisher that the Article Linker did not detect.  Follow the link to use the journal publisher's access. 
  • If you still have not found a copy of the article, you may request it as an Interlibrary Loan.

Why isn't every article available full text?

  • Sometimes, article database suppliers provide indexing for journals for which they have not negotiated full text access with journal publishers. 
  • Occasionally, journal publishers remove access to articles in databases for 6-months to a year, known as an embargo.  When this happens, the Library works to make sure you still have access. 

What is Science Direct?

It is a free article delivery service for our students.  The Library uses this pay-per-view service to provide access to Elsevier journals. Use the "Order Document" button (see sample below) to request the article... free to you.  It will be delivered by e-mail in 24 hours. 

      Find e-Journal by Title

      Find e-Journal