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ACC 651 - Accounting Fraud


Welcome to the library research guide for Accounting Fraud . Here, you'll find the best resources for company and historical background, scholarly articles, SEC rulings, and case law to help you successfully complete this assignment.

Research Paper Guidelines

Paper is to address the following in good writing format. Use the questions to organize the paper into clear paragraphs.  Please see APA tab in this guide for assistance in formatting the paper and references.


1)  Introduce the company where the fraud occurred. Give the background and where the company is place in the world.

2)  Who are the players? Who committed the fraud, how, why, over what time period. HOW DID THEY DO IT AND WHAT WAS THE MOTIVATION?  What was the monetary damage? Address the farad issues that you have learned in classes. Were the 3 elements of fraud there?

3)  Who discovered it?

4)  What was the reaction by the company?

5)  What happen with respect to internal control? Did it fail? Was it ever in place etc.?

6)  What happened to the person/people who committed the fraud?

7)  Who were the attorneys?

8)  What changed in the company after the fraud…if there were any changes?

If you find any additional information that we should know, add it.


Top Information Sources