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LAD 633 - Academic Language Assessment

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bonnie Plummer
Date: January 2017

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Week 1:

Justice, L. M.  Invernizzi, M. A. & Meier, J. D. (2002). Designing and implementing an early literacy screening protocol:  Suggestions for the speech-language pathologist. Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools, 33(2), 84 – 101.

Week 2:

Guo, L., Eisenberg, S., Nippold, M., & Hoffman, L. (2015). Sample length affects the reliability of language sample measures in 3-year-olds: Evidence from parent-elicited conversational samples. Language, Speech & Hearing Services In Schools, 46(2), 141-153. doi:10.1044/2015_LSHSS-14-0052

Week 3:

Betz, J., Eickhoff, J., & Sullivan, S., (2013). Factors influencing the selection of standardized tests for the diagnosis of specific language impairment. Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools, 44(2), 133 – 146. doi:0161-1461(2012/12-0093

Week 4:

Heilmann, J., Miller, J. F., Nockerts, A. & Dunaway, C. (2010).  Properties of the narrative scoring scheme using narrative retells in young school-age children. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 19(2), 154-166. doi:10.1044/1058-0360(2009/08-0024)

Week 5:

Pena, E. Gillam, R., Milek, M., et al. (2006). Dynamic assessment of school-age children's narrative ability: an investigation of classification accuracy.  Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 49(5) 1037-1057.

Week 6:

Puranik, C. & Lonigan, C., (2011). Early writing deficits in preschoolers with oral language difficulties. Journal of Learning Disabilities 45(2), 179 -190.

Week 7:

Pitoniak, M.J., Young, J.W., Martiniello, M., King, T.C., Buteux, A., & Ginsburgh, M. (2009). Guidelines for the assessment of English language learners. Princeton, New Jersey: Educational Testing Service. Retrieved from


Week 8:

Zeigler Dendy, C. A. (2011). Executive Function…”What is it Anyway?” Retrieved from

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