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LAD 634 - Curriculum and Instruction

Lead Faculty: Dr. Bonnie Plummer
Date: April 2016

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Week 1: Academic Language and Literacy

Baumann, J. F., & Graves, M. F. (2010). What is academic vocabulary? Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 54(1), 4-12. doi:10.1598/JAAL.54.1.1

Week 2: Literacy and Reading

Edmonds, M. S., Vaughn, S., Wexler, J., Reutebuch, C., Cable, A., Tackett, K. K., & Schnakenberg, J. W. (2009). A synthesis of reading interventions and effects on reading comprehension outcomes for older struggling readers. Review of Educational Research, 79(1), 262-300.

Week 3: Vocabulary and Semantics

Bernicot, J., Laval, V., & Chaminaud, S. (2007). Nonliteral language forms in children: In what order are they acquired in pragmatics and metapragmatics? Journal of Pragmatics, 39(12), 2115-2132.

Week 4: Writing and Spelling

Arfé, B., Dockrell, J. E., & De Bernardi, B. (2016). The effect of language specific factors on early written composition: the role of spelling, oral language and text generation skills in a shallow orthography. Reading and Writing, 29(3), 501-527.

Pinto, G. (2015). Cross-lag analysis of longitudinal associations between primary school students’ writing and reading skills. Reading and Writing, 28(8), 1233-1255.

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