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SPD 642 - Academic Instruction M/S

Faculty Lead: Dr. Britt Ferguson
Date: May 2015

Required Articles

Burcroff, T. L., Radogna, D. M., & Wright, E. H. (2003). Community forays: Addressing students' functional skills in inclusive settings. Teaching Exceptional Children, 35(5), 52-57.

Saunders, A. F., Bethune, K. S., Spooner, F., & Browder, D. (2013). Solving the Common Core equation: Teaching mathematics CCSS to students with moderate and severe disabilities. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45(3), 24-33.

Schilling, E. J., & Getch, Y. Q. (2012). Getting my bearings, returning to school: Issues facing adolescents with traumatic brain injury. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45(1), 54-63.