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Using Citations to Find Books and Articles

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How do I access the full text of an article in a database?

Simply look for some kind of link to the full text (PDF, HTML, or Linked).

If you do not see a link to the full text, you may see an option (such as Article Linker) to check to see if the full text is available. This means that the database you are in does not have full-text access, but another may.

  • If it is available in another database, you will see a link to the article.
  • If the article is only available in print at the Library, it may be requested through Journal Direct.
  • If you still have not found a copy of the article, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Why isn't every article available full text?

Article databases sometimes provide citations from journals that they do not have full-text access to. Occasionally, a journal will have an embargo on it, which removes access to articles in databases for six months to a year. Once the embargo is over, the full-text will become available.

What is ScienceDirect?

This is a free article request service for our students. Just use the "Order Document" link at the top of a ScienceDirect page. Note that articles are not available immediately, but will be delivered via email within 24 hours.