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Citation Resources: Formatting Papers with MS Word

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Setting Running Head & Section Headings in APA for MS Word 2010

YouTube provides many helpful videos.  You may need to watch several to feel that you are competent in the various types of content to include.  Always check with your instructor to be sure that you are following their course requirements for papers.

The following video discusses setting up the title page with a running head and page numbers followed by the main text of the paper using section headings.

Chicago / Turabian: How to Insert Page Numbers Using Word

Turabian uses three different types of page numbers:

  • Title Page (to the Table of Contents): counted but do not include numbers on the page
  • Table of Contents (and all pages before the Chapters): use Roman Numerals
  • Body (Chapters and Appendicies and Reference List): use Arabic Numerals

(Following documents created by Ben Hewitt and Janet Tillman. Masters College, Santa Clarita, CA)

Using MS Word to Create Citations

How to use Microsoft Word to create your reference list: