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Student Resources & Services: Articles

Library resources and services for students

Find Articles

  Start with these multidisciplinary databases to find articles from scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, magazines, trade journals, newspapers, etc.

  You may also want to check out these discipline-specific databases. Limiting to specific disciplines can sometimes help narrow search results.

Research is more than Google

Image: Lynchon, G. (May 5, 2010). TechDigest.

Use your Library databases to find quality academic and professional articles.

What is Peer-Review?

Peer-reviewed (refereed) articles are certified by experts in the field before they are accepted for publication. 

Learn more:  Peer-Review Guide

Brief Glossary:

   Academic:  Refers to the audience of a publication

   Scholarly:   Refers to the audience of a publication

   Refereed:   Articles are monitored before publication

   Peer-Review:  "Blind review" by scholars and experts