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Tutorials and Training Tools: Tutorial Transcript: Looking for Books

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Tutorial Transcript: Looking for Books

National University Library Tutorial: Looking for Books (Link)

Learn how to search the Library catalog for books and ebooks on your topic. (2:58)


And now we're going to look for books.

To do that, we're going to use SmartSearch. Now, SmartSearch is the Library's universal search that lets you look across our resources for books, articles, videos, and more all in one place. We can limit our search just to books by using the limiter underneath the search box.

Let's go ahead and try an example search.

Let's say that I'm looking for information about predictive policing. The results are going to be a mix of both print books that we have here in the library in San Diego, and ebooks that we have available online.

You can limit to one format or another by using the limiters on the left side.

If we try "Viewable Online", we're going to get ebooks only. These are indicated by an "Online Access" link underneath each item.

We can click on a book title to get more information about the book.

I'm going to deselect "Viewable Online" and instead I'm going to select "Available in the Library."

Let's say that I'm interested in this book here. I'll click on the title to get more information about the book. I can see it tells me that it's available at the National University Library. It's in the circulating stacks. And then there is a number here: this is called the call number. This is how you find the book in the Library. So if you're located in San Diego, or you happen to stop by, you'll want to write down this number so that you can find the book physically in our book stacks.

If you're not in San Diego, not to worry. You still have full access to our print collection of books. What you would do is click on the link that says "Check out a book or request delivery outside of San Diego". This will open up a request form for our Books Direct delivery service. Now this is a free service for you; just fill out your information and we'll ship books to your home address or nearest campus completely for free. Usually we send it with 1-2 day shipping and it includes return postage as well.