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Tutorials and Training Tools: Tutorial Transcript: Searching for News in Nexis Uni

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National University Library Tutorial: Searching for News in Nexis Uni (Link)

Use basic search strategies to locate news articles in Nexis Uni. (2:42)


Nexis Uni is a good place to start if you're looking for news articles.  

In the "What are you interested in" box you're going to click on "News."

Under "Search in all News," you're going to fill in your keywords.

Your keywords might include a company's name, a person's name, or a topic you’re interested in.

And if you'd like to search for news that was published within a certain timeframe, you'll click on "select date range" and enter your preferred dates.

The results list interface lets you customize your results even more.  

For example, you can focus on news published in a specific geographic  location.

If you're seeing a lot of articles in languages that you don't know, you can click on the "Language" option and select languages that you're familiar with.

Nexis Uni will show you articles from different types of publications, but you can restrict your search to newspapers, industry reports, magazines, or other sources.

And you can also sort articles by industry, or practice area, if you’re looking for articles that take a specific angle on a topic: for example, articles that talk about your topic’s relation to education, versus articles from an economist’s point of view.

Nexis Uni will also try to help you identify "negative news."

These articles focus on negative or controversial aspects of your topic: for example, an individual’s civil proceedings, or a company’s bankruptcy. Negative news may or may not be biased against the subject, you'll always want to consider who is writing and publishing the piece.

What if you’re trying to find articles from a particular source, such as the New York Times? You can look through this list of sources to see if the title appears... or, if you’re not seeing the source that you want in that list, you can run a new search. But this time, you’re going to click “A Publication” instead of “News,” and you’re going to type the title of the newspaper or magazine in the “Find Publication” box. Now you’ve got a list of articles on your topic that were published in a specific source.

That should get you going with news searching in Nexis Uni.

If you have any questions, or you aren't finding what you need, get in touch! We’re here to help!