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Tutorials and Training Tools: Tutorial Transcript: Reading the Wall Street Journal With a Marketing Eye

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National University Library Tutorial: Reading the Wall Street Journal With a Marketing Eye (Link)

This short video will help you use the Wall Street Journal to locate competitive marketing strategies. (3:38)


Reading the Wall Street Journal with a Marketing Eye: How to locate articles that illustrate discussion topics.

As a student at National University, you have access to decades of current and historical newspaper articles. The Wall Street Journal is a key resource for tracking competitive marketing strategies.

A typical assignment for marketing students is to locate an article in the Wall Street Journal which covers a concept discussed in your course. This short tutorial will help you effectively use the Wall Street Journal.

The Library has created a series of subject guides to help you find discipline resources quickly.

Marketing resources are located on the Marketing guide.

The web address is:

This guide provides access to important marketing resources available at the NU library.

On the “Search the Wall Street Journal” tab, you will find instructions for searching the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal is available through ProQuest.

You can view the most recent the Wall Street Journal issue.

Browse the Wall Street Journal by date.

Or search all Wall Street Journal issues from 1984 to present by typing a keyword in the search box.

The first marketing topic we will look at is branding.

As you can see from our results, you may find an excessive number of articles for some topics.

In our search for branding, we have over 2,600 results.

To focus your search for more relevant articles, consider adding a second term to your search such as: branding AND social media or branding AND packaging.

Sometimes using a different search strategy will increase your results substantially!

In this search, keywords have been refined into smaller ideas that are connected by the word AND.

Here is a sample search for return on investment AND marketing.

By changing the search we now have increased our results from 1 to over 5,000!

To focus results even further, use quotation marks to link words together as a phrase.

This will reduce the number of results by only including articles in which the phrase “return on investment” is used and eliminate articles where the individual words appear but may not be related.

Have questions? Librarians are on call 7 day a week to help you with your research! Call us, e-mail us, text us, or chat with us today! Thank you for viewing our tutorial.