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NUVHS Teacher Guide: Find Articles

A guide to National University Library's resources for NUVHS Teachers

K-12 Databases

The following databases are designed for K-12 students and teachers.  For education majors, they are useful to help design age appropriate research assignments.  You may limit your search by reading level (Lexile), making it possible for you to find the articles that best suit your reading skills.  Articles with lower Lexile ranges (200-750) will be easier to read.  Those with higher Lexile ranges (850+) are suitable for readers with more advanced skills. 

News & Newspaper Databases

More Information

 More Databases

Check out our alphabetical list of electronic resources for more library databases.

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Full Text Articles

Not all databases provide the full text of articles even though the library has access to them. Learn more here:

Find Full Text 

Peer-Reviewed / Scholarly

Not sure if your article is scholarly? Don't know what peer-reviewed means? Learn more here:

Find Scholarly Articles

Search Tips

When researching a question, don't use complete sentences. Instead, use the most important keywords! For example:

How are mobile devices affecting education?

The most important keywords are:

mobile devices AND education

Use Boolean operators to modify your search. This is very useful when you are searching for journal articles!

Boolean Operators

AND     OR     NOT

AND will narrow your search results:
"global warming" AND glaciers

OR will expand your search results:
"mobile devices" OR smartphones

NOT will exclude certain results:
cowboys NOT football

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase. This will help you find more specific results! For example:

social media = 8221 results

"social media" = 1140 results

Use an asterisk (*) after a set of letters to perform a truncated search. This will find variations of a word. For example:


will find results containing the words... 

muscle, muscular, musculoskeletal, etc.

Research Starters

Several book collections and databases provide topic guides to help you begin the research process:

Social Issues Collections

Contemporary Issues

Opposing Viewpoints

Reference Shelf

Social Problems & Social Issues

Taking Sides

Many of the titles in the series above are available as e-books.

EBSCO Research Starters

Provides research summaries on hot topics:

Research Starters - Business

Research Starters - Education

Credo Reference

Provides Topic Pages to help you get started on research.