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Mobile Library Resources & Services: Videos

Films on Demand

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Streaming video accessible via:




iPod Touch


Any mobile device with Internet

Films on Demand videos are currently accessible via any mobile device with an Internet connection.

All of our videos have been encoded in H.264 format to allow playback on any iOS device, including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Android devices must currently utilize Flash for playback.

Note: The Kindle Fire also utilizes Flash for video playback, but the feature is not enabled by default. Users must manually enable Flash before viewing On Demand videos.

How to Enable Viewing on the Kindle Fire

On Demand videos do not play on the Kindle Fire until Flash has been enabled for the Amazon Silk web browser. On Demand videos use Flash content, and Flash content viewing is not enabled by default on the Kindle Fire.  To enable viewing on the Kindle Fire:

  1. Open the Amazon Silk web browser.
  2. Tab on the <Menu> icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tab the <Settings> option.
  4. Tab the arrow next to <Enable Flash> and select your preferred behavior: "Always On", "On Demand", or "Off".

Alexander Street

Alexander Street Press

Streaming video
accessible via:

Android OS

Alexander Street Press

You can listen to an audio track or watch a video on your mobile device, such as a smartphone. This is great for when you find something you want to study later.  Wherever you see the “send to mobile” icon, you are able to obtain a "shortlink" to enable playback on your mobile device.

Video Collections
American History in Video
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Education in Video
Theatre in Video
World History in Video

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