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Veterans Welcome and Orientation


Our Mission: Empowering Students with Disabilities
National University's Student Accessibility Services, through collaboration with the campus and the community, is committed to empowering students with disabilities and providing equal access to higher education through the provision of academic support services, technology and advocacy in order to promote students' retention and graduation.


Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is

  • A neutral agent of the University dedicated to promoting accessible learning environments and experiences for individuals with disabilities
  • Committed to offering programs and consultations to empower students with disabilities reach their full potential
  • A resource for students, faculty, and staff
  • Case by Case
  • Supported by paperwork
  • May include:
    • Test accommodations
    • Assignment extensions
    • Captioning/ASL
    • Assistive Technology
    • Others as needed
  • Tech Talks
  • Study tips and strategies
  • Goal planning
  • Confidentiality: emails, conversations, etc.
  • We cannot confirm registration with SAS
  • The steps for registration are at
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