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Faculty Resources

Creating Course Reserves

Your Library Team is available to assist you in developing durable links for online reserve readings.  Faculty teaching on-site classes in San Diego, may request to have books be placed on Reserve at the Library Help Desk.

  • Electronic Reserve links may be hosted on a course specific LibGuide page; talk with your Liaison
  • Electronic Reserve links may be put into your online course
    • To avoid copyright issues in which Library license with database vendors and publishers trump fair use, it is a good practice to provide durable links to the database search record for a specific article. 
    • As a rule of thumb, do not post a PDF version of an article in your course unless you have permission from the copyright holder.

Consider providing students a sample search for either the Library Catalog or one of the article databases instead of listing specific articles or books to be read.  This type of scaffolding provides:

  • Current search results each time the search is run (no need to continually search for new materials to update the reserve list each year)
  • Higher level critical thinking skills to evaluate the search results and select relevant material

      Building Durable Links for Searches

      Accessing any licensed material (e-books, articles, streaming videos, etc.) from the Library requires that the user is authenticated. Any links to these materials that are embedded in syllabi or online courses need to begin with the Library's proxy as part of the URL string:

      Saving Article and Search Links in EBSCO

      Begin by running search in selected databases.

      • Add articles to folder
      • Add searches to folder
        • Look for  Alert / Save / Share  in the tool bar above the results
        • Click on search term to save search