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Deep Web or Invisible Web

Less than 10% of the Web is indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing.  The remaining 90% is what we call the Deep Web or the Invisible Web.

Because of licensing and fee structures, most of the content in the Library databases is part of the Invisible Web.

Image: Freedom of Information Blog (November 2011)


Internet Reliability

(Credit: Gerald Lynch)

The Internet is an important tool, but you need to remember:

  • Anyone can develop a website on any topic they choose, regardless of their authority.
  • The Internet does not have:
    • Standards for publishing
    • A review process to check for accuracy
    • Prompts for removing outdated information

The CRAAP test is a useful tool for evaluating websites. Seriously!

What Does a URL Tell You?

URL = Uniform Resource Locator (website address on the Internet)

.com    Commercial
.net    Network
.k12.[state].us    K-12 Education
.edu    Higher Education
.mil       Military
.gov    Government
.org       Nonprofit