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Tutorials and Training Tools: Find Charts and Graphs

Learn how to use the Library and improve your research skills


Charts and graphs can be located in some of our article databases by using special search options to narrow your results. This page will show you how!

Please note that charts and graphs are not always recognized within articles, so using these search options may remove results that are relevant. However, it can be a good first step to help you find what you need.

If you're not finding the right charts and graphs, you may want to remove these search options and look through the articles one-by-one instead. Limit your search to scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles for the best chance.

Finding Charts and Graphs

Searching for charts and graphs in All EBSCO Databases is really easy!

  1. Click on Advanced Search under the search box.
  2. In the Search Options, locate the box to Limit your results. In this box, there is a section for Image Quick View Types.
  3. Select the options for ChartGraph, and any other types of images you would like.
  4. Enter keywords related to your topic in the search boxes at the top and Search!

Searching for charts and graphs in All ProQuest Databases is a little tricky, but not to worry! We'll walk you through it. Basically, you need to include the following key command in your search to limit your results: FIGT(table OR chart OR graph)

  1. Click on Advanced Search above the search box.
  2. In the first search box, enter the following key command: FIGT(table OR chart OR graph)
  3. Enter keywords related to your topic in the remaining search boxes (you can add more if necessary) and Search!


Statista will help you find statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies on over 80,000 topics. Statistics are downloadable as graphics and other file formats.

Understanding Regression Analysis

When looking for charts and graphs, you might come across data that was generated by regression analysis. This data can be challenging to interpret, but also worth the effort if it's the data that you need!

For a simple overview of regression analysis, see this article from the Harvard Business Review.

For help interpreting regression analysis results, check out this great post from The Minitab Blog.