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Tutorials and Training Tools: Using Google Scholar to Search the Library

Learn how to use the Library and improve your research skills


Accessing National University Library Materials Through Google Scholar

Click here for a transcript of this tutorial video.

Quick Instructions

Watch the video or follow the instructions below to search the Library through Google Scholar!

1. In Google Scholar, go to the Settings.

2. Click "Library Links" on the left side.

3. Search for "NULS".

4. Check the box next to "National University - Get it@NULS" and click "Save".

5. Search results will now include links to materials in National University Library.


We recommend using the Library link. This ensures that you are accessing the published version of an article.

It is important to know that not all articles in Google Scholar are peer-reviewed. Additionally, free links will sometimes lead to draft or pre-publication versions of articles.

Keep an eye out for publication information (journal, volume, issue). Want to verify that it is peer-reviewed? See this page for more information.