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New Books: New for Psychology & Counseling

Welcome to National University Library's virtual display of new and featured books.

Welcome!: Psychology & Counseling

Icon of a stack of booksBelow, you'll find some of the newest ebooks in our psychology and counseling ebook collection. All books are available to NU faculty, staff, and students online; just click a cover to access the book. Find more help here.

Training opportunities and resources for spiritually integrated psychotherapists and researchers  On Being a Therapist  Handbook of Positive Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality  Therapeutic presence: A mindful approach to effective therapeutic relationships  Emotion-focused therapy for complex trauma: An integrative approach  The Urge : Our History of Addiction       The science and clinical practice of attachment theory   Creative Counselling : Creative Tools and Interventions to Nurture Therapeutic Relationships  Highly Effective Therapy : Effecting Deep Change in Counseling and Psychotherapy  Deliberate practice in systemic family therapy  Rupture and repair in psychotherapy: A critical process for change  The Nature and Practice of Trust  Brain, Decision Making and Mental Health   A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies  Digital Healthcare and Expertise  Emotional : How Feelings Shape Our Thinking  Roles and Contexts in Counselling Psychology : Professionals in Practice  Child and Adolescent Counseling : An Integrated Approach  Gender Identity and Faith : Clinical Postures, Tools, and Case Studies for Client-Centered Care  Desperate Remedies : Psychiatry's Turbulent Quest to Cure Mental Illness  Collective Trauma, Collective Healing : Promoting Community Resilience in the Aftermath of Disaster  Advances in Experimental Social Psychology  What Is Cognitive Psychology?  A New Gnosis:Comic Books, Comparative Mythology, and Depth Psychology    The Thriving Therapist : Sustainable Self-Care to Prevent Burnout and Enhance Well-Being  International Handbook of Psychology Learning and Teaching    Creating meaning in young adulthood : the self-actualizing power of relationships    The Power of Regret : How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward  Working with parents in therapy: A mentalization-based approach  The Student Survival Guide for Research Methods in Psychology  Psychology of Gift-Giving   The End of Burnout : Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives   Treatment of psychosocial risk factors in depression   Deliberate practice in schema therapy  The Book of Minds : How to Understand Ourselves and Other Beings, from Animals to AI to Aliens  Therapeutic Interviewing : Essential Skills and Contexts of Counseling  Homelessness and Mental Health  The New Handbook of Counseling Supervision  Colonialism and the COVID-19 Pandemic : Perspectives from Indigenous Psychology  Narrative Psychiatry and Family Collaborations