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New Books: Books on Early Childhood Education

Welcome to National University Library's virtual display of new and featured books.


Icon of a stack of booksBelow, you'll find some of the newest ebooks on Early Childhood Education in the Library's collection. All books are available to NU faculty, staff, and students online; just click a cover to access the book. Find more help here.

E-Book List

DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICE IN EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS: SERVING CHILDREN FROM BIRTH THROUGH AGE 8  Education in Childhood  The Possibilities of Play : Imaginative Learning Centers for Children Ages 3-6  Young Children's Social Emotional Learning : The COPE-Resilience Program  Growing Children's Social and Emotional Skills : Using the TOGETHER Programme  Diversifying Pedagogy in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs  Loose Parts for Children with Diverse Abilities  Embracing Alternatives to Homework in Early Childhood : Research and Pedagogies  Qualitative Studies of Exploration in Childhood Education : Cultures of Play and Learning in Transition  No Longer Welcome : The Epidemic of Expulsion from Early Childhood Education  Effective Task Instruction in the First Year of School : What Teachers and Children Do  Hearing All Voices : Culturally Responsive Coaching in Early Childhood  Book Talk : Growing into Early Literacy Through Read-Aloud Conversations  Methodology for Research with Early Childhood Education and Care Professionals : Example Studies and Theoretical Elaboration  Early Childhood Science Education: Research Trends in Learning and Teaching  Toward a BlackBoyCrit Pedagogy : Black Boys, Male Teachers, and Early Childhood Classroom Practices  Keeping up with the Times : Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Teacher Education Programs  Developing Self and Self-Concepts in Early Childhood Education and Beyond  Early Childhood Special Education Programs and Practices  Early Childhood Education Playbook  Foundations of Early Childhood Education: Teaching Children in a Diverse Society  Professionalism and Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care  Decisions and Dilemmas of Research Methods in Early Childhood Education  Slow Knowledge and the Unhurried Child: Time for Slow Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education  Rethinking Environmental Education in a Climate Change Era : Weather Learning in Early Childhood  Consent in the Childhood Classroom : Centering Student Voices Across Early Years and Elementary Education  Theories of Early Childhood Education : Developmental, Behaviorist, and Critical  ASSESSING AND EVALUATING EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SYSTEMS  INCLUSIVE PEDAGOGIES FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: RESPECTING AND RESPONDING TO DIFFERENCES IN LEARNING  Social Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care: An Introduction