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Encylopedias, etc.: Forensics

A guide for background information to form a solid research base for your topic.

Using Handbooks & Encyclopedias to Locate Background Information

Use subject-related handbooks and encyclopedias to find background information on your research topics. They are an excellent place to get a feel for the research trends within the discipline.

Cover Art syndetics-sc


Ecology Encyclopedias

Evolution Encyclopedias


Genetics Encyclopedias

Natural History Guides


Zoology Encyclopedias

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia Animal Behavior Desk Reference

Find Statistical Sources

Sometimes you can find the statistical information you need in a journal article, but discipline related statistics are often gathered and reported in different formats. The following resources may help you find relevant statistics.


Statistical Abstract
of the United States


US Counties

Yearbook of
Immigration Statistics

California Criminal Justice Statistics


Bureau of Justice Statistics

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

Federal Statistics Locator

Biographies & Dictionaries

Dictionaries and biographical dictionaries provide excellent sources to identify key contributors and the terms of the discipline.

Scientists Biography

Cover Art

Biology Dictionaries


Ecology Dictionaries

Genetics Dictionaries

Natural History Dictionaries

Zoology Dictionaries