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Encylopedias, etc.: Engineering

A guide for background information to form a solid research base for your topic.

The Value of Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Use subject-related handbooks and encyclopedias to find background information and research trends. Search the Library Catalog links below or browse our online reference collections:

CRCnetBASE Titles

CRCnetBASE provides access to a large collection of reference and technical e-book in the following fields: Computer Science, Domestic Security, Criminal Justice, Forensics, Engineering, and Public Administration.

Literati Titles

Literati Academic by Credo Reference

The following education encyclopedias are some of the key resources available in the online collection:

Gale Virtual Reference Library Titles

Recommended Titles

The following title are "favorites" of some of the librarians.  Find out why...

Title    Description Recommended by
Computer and Information Security Handbook Presents information on how to analyze risks to your networks and the steps needed to select and deploy the appropriate countermeasures to reduce your exposure to physical and network threats. Robin
Facilities Evaluation Handbook: Safety, Fire Protection, & Environmental Compliance Covers topics of building safety and inspections Robin
Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents: Highly organized and cross-referenced to provide instant access to the most authoritative data, this handbook is divided into classes based on the common military groupings of chemical, biological, and toxin agents. Robin
Handbook of Research on Technology Project Management, Planning, and Operation Through a collection of industry practical experiences, challenges, and opportunities, this Handbook of Research offers a compendium of terms, definitions, and explanations for the advancement of knowledge within IT management. Robin
Homeland Security Handbook Conscious of the multi-faceted nature of the problem, the editor combines theory and practice to address concerns in border and transportation security, emergency preparedness and response, and infrastructure protection. Robin
Practical Guide to Security Engineering and Information Assurance Presents step-by-step, in-depth processes for defining information security and assurance goals, performing vulnerability and threat analysis, implementing and verifying the effectiveness of threat control measures, and conducting accident and incident investigations. She explores real-world strategies applicable to all systems, from small systems supporting a home-based business to those of a multinational corporation, government agency, or critical infrastructure system. Robin
U.S. National Security: A Reference Handbook This primer covers the Cold War and post-Cold War decades, identifies changing threats to national security, and introduces the agencies and individuals that shape national security policy. Robin

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