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Encylopedias, etc.: Education

A guide for background information to form a solid research base for your topic.

The Value of Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Use subject-related handbooks and encyclopedias to find background information and research trends. Search the Library Catalog links below or browse our online reference collections:

Literati Titles

Literati Academic by Credo Reference

The following education encyclopedias are some of the key resources available in the online collection:

Gale Virtual Reference Library Titles

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Browse some of the selected reference sources below to find more background information:

Recommended Titles

The following title are "favorites" of some of the librarians.  Find out why...

Title    Description Recommended by
Handbook of Early Literacy Research Examines factors that shape learning in and out of the classroom, from basic developmental processes to family and sociocultural contexts, pedagogical strategies, curricula, and policy issues Robin
Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership & Administration Presents theories, research, terms, concepts, ideas, and histories on educational leadership and school administration Robin
Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development Collection of articles by experts in the various disciplines related to childhood social development for 3-years to adolescence.  Chapters include a historical overview and topics such as temperament, family, race/culture, gender,  cooperation, aggression/bullying, disabilities, and interventions. Robin


Finding background information on key individuals in the field (founders, theortists, etc) is often found in biographies published as books. However, reference sources often provide a concise overview of an individuals contribution to the field.

Search the Library Catalog:  Educators Biography

Statistical Data

Sometimes you can find the statistics you need in a journal article, but frequently discipline related statistics are gathered and reported in different formats.

National Center for
Education Statistics

Other sources:
EdData (CDE)

NCES Fast Facts

Nations's Report Card

Public School Review

Almanac of American Education

Statistical Abstract of the US